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Corporate Information

Ventana is a privately held Class C Delaware corporation, based in California (USA) which has developed a disruptive technology for conversion of end-of-life waste plastics into petroleum fuels which have host of applications.

The company strives to recover calorific value from landfill bound waste, help ease dependence on foreign oil, reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions and create high-quality green jobs across the communities it works in.


As opposed to competing technologies which use a batch mode refluxing process and convert waste plastics to liquid slurries and waxes -- Ventana’s technology uses a patent-pending fully continuous process to generate lighter fuels which approximate distillates such as gasoline, kerosene & diesel.

R&D Centre

Ventana's R&D team comprises of competent professionals who are zealously passionate about delivering a breakthrough, world class plastic to fuel technology solution. The team is sourced from leading academic institutes in India and USA and brings together over 100 years of diverse experience with chemical sciences, catalysis, petroleum, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Ventana’s R&D infrastructure includes :
A reaction modeling laboratory for study of thermodynamic kinetics, catalytic testing & regeneration.
Comprehensive capability for machining (CNC, Lathe, Grinding) of non-bought out process equipment and components

Fully continuous demo plant for conversion of waste plastics to petroleum fuel

A petroleum fuel testing laboratory having capabilities of Detailed Hydrocarbon (PIONA) Analysis, GC-FID chromatography, Potentiometric Analysis, Karl Fischer Titration etc..
A wide pool of operators, welders & electricians for erection, commissioning & operation of plastic to oil plant.